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7th April
written by admin

Thanks God, this evening I was very glad to hear a testimonial from my good friend in Connect Group about how God’s perfect guidance led him and his team won a scientific competition.
I was strongly encouraged that He is always in control in everything!
He has a very very beautiful plan for everyone of us!

Everytime I hear testimonials about how God is working in people lives, I always say to myself..
“Then will come my turn!”
Yes, then will come my turn!

Thanks God for the night of encouragement!
I feel so blessed! 🙂

7th April
written by admin

God, please help me to believe
That You will complete
All You started in me

In times of difficulties
Let me find out that You are always working
Mostly behind the scenes

Take me to Your heart
So I feel the warmth of Your love
The best place I feel completely secure

No matter how dark things sometimes may seem
No matter how long it’s been
Help me to believe that You are always by my side
You are still the shining light of hope of my life

I will walk my life in boldness, joy, and faith
Knowing that it’s perfectly in Your control
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen! 🙂